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Item NameFinal PriceSold?End DateLabel
Log & Tree Skidding Tong,28" Long,jaw Opening 4 1/2" To 23",high Carbon Steel$75.99SOLD02/01/2015Supplies & Tools
2 Vintage Blacksmith Tongs Vaughn Bushnell Mfg Co Old Long Lot $33.00SOLD02/01/2015Blacksmithing
Antique 17-1/2" Long Blacksmith Tongs Tip 1"curved Id (found In Farm House) $27.00SOLD02/01/2015Blacksmithing
3 Antique Blacksmith Hand Forged Tongs 19"- 22 1/2" Long Different Styles Nice$69.95SOLD02/01/2015Blacksmithing
Antique / Vintage 33 1/2" Long Blacksmith Tongs - Primitive Blacksmith Tool$29.99SOLD01/28/2015Blacksmithing
2 Vintage Raimond Sterling Sugar Tongs, 3 1/2" Long Leaf Floral Pattern 19,5 Gr$42.00SOLD01/22/2015Flatware & Silverware
Androck Tong 11 1/2 Inch Long Chrome Plate Metal With Knurled Teeth Vintage$14.99SOLD01/22/2015Cooking Utensils
Shell Sugar Tongs Sterling Silver 925 Excellent Condition 3 1/2" Long So Nice!$23.99SOLD01/22/2015Sugar Bowls & Tongs
Vintage Ekco Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs Red Handle Usa 10 1/2" Long$9.99SOLD01/22/2015Other
Primitive Americana Cast Iron Ice Tongs Home Decor Or Use 15 1/2 Inches Long$22.00SOLD01/21/2015Cast Iron
Vintage Silver Plated Talon Ice Tongs - 6 1/2" Long$9.99SOLD01/19/2015Other
7 Assorted Vint. Blacksmith/anvil Forge Pickup Tongs 13 1/2"- 28" Long$182.50SOLD01/18/2015Blacksmithing
Vtg Androck 11 1/2 Inch Long Chrome Plate Metal Tong Knurled Teeth & Ecko Nut$15.00SOLD01/17/2015Other
Vintage Hand Forged Blacksmith Tongs Old Tool Pliers / 23 1/2" Long / I /$28.00SOLD01/16/2015Blacksmithing
Enderes Blacksmith Forging Tongs - 15 1/2" Long W/new Bolt - Sold As Is$17.95SOLD01/06/2015Blacksmithing
Small Old Hand Forged Blacksmith Shop Tongs 14&1/2" Long$28.88SOLD01/03/2015Blacksmithing
Antique Solid Silver Sugar Tongs 1833 Taf Maker Perfect 61/2 In Long 2oz English£22.00SOLD12/28/2014Sugar Bowls/ Tongs
Vintage 2 Hand Forged Blacksmith Pliers Tongs Tools Old Both Approx 20" Long$15.95SOLD12/27/2014Blacksmithing
7 Assorted Vint. Blacksmith/anvil Forge Pickup Tongs 14 1/2"- 25 3/4" Long$177.50SOLD12/21/2014Blacksmithing
Vintage 1/2" Champion Blacksmith Tongs 20" Long$57.30SOLD12/17/2014Blacksmithing
Mr. Bar-b-q Turner Tongs 16 1/2" Long$10.00SOLD12/16/2014Cooking Utensils
Lot Bfd Old Blacksmith Shop Forge Tongs 20&1/2" Long--$32.88SOLD12/12/2014Blacksmithing
Solid Silver Sugar Tongs, Delicate, Ornate, Fully Hallmarked, 3 1/2" Long£12.25SOLD12/09/2014Sugar Bowls/ Tongs
Locking Bunion Stretcher For Shoes Clamp Tongs Tool 15 1/2" Long$25.00SOLD12/07/2014Other
Vintage Gold Tone Claw Ice Tongs 6 1/2" Long$3.50SOLD12/06/2014Ice Buckets
Lot#1117a Vtg Silverplate Sugar Cube / Olive Tongs Rogers 3 2/4'' Long$9.99SOLD12/03/2014Other
Antique Blacksmiths Tongs Forge Metalworking Tool, Vintage, 22 1/2" Long$19.99SOLD12/01/2014Blacksmithing
Blacksmith Cast Iron Tongs 2ft Long$25.00SOLD12/01/2014Blacksmithing
Lot Bft-a Old Blacksmith Shop Forge Tongs 16&1/2" Long--$28.88SOLD11/30/2014Blacksmithing
2.5 Ounces India Curved Tip Copper Tongs 8 1/2" Long 4 Pickling & Acid Solutions$1.99SOLD11/30/2014Other
Old Ice Tongs Small With Wood Handle 14&1/2" Long$15.88SOLD11/30/2014Primitives
Old Pair Ice Block Carrying Tongs 18&1/2" Long--$19.88SOLD11/30/2014Primitives
Lot Bfb Old Blacksmith Shop Forge Tongs 18&1/2" Long--$28.88SOLD11/28/2014Blacksmithing
Qing, 2 X Qian Long Tong Bao Brass Coin, Different Long, Vf$10.00SOLD11/24/2014Asian
Vint Blacksmith/anvil Forge Hollow Bit Round Stock Pickup Tongs 18 1/2" Long Vg!$34.69SOLD11/23/2014Blacksmithing
Only Linda-northern Song Xuan He Tong Bao 2 Cash Long Feet Bao Large Coin Ef$9.99SOLD11/23/2014Asian
Lot Of 2 Extra Long Stainless Steel Cooking Grilling Frying Bbq Barbeque Tongs$6.99SOLD11/22/2014BBQ Tools & Accessories, Cooking Utensils
Antique 22 1/2" Long Blacksmith Tongs - Hand Forged $19.99SOLD11/19/2014Blacksmithing
Large Silverplate Serving Tongs - 10 1/2" Long - Nice Condition$10.50SOLD11/19/2014Other
Lot Of 2 Extra Long Stainless Steel Cooking Grilling Frying Bbq Barbeque Tongs$7.99SOLD11/12/2014BBQ Tools & Accessories, Cooking Utensils
Antique Silverplated Classic Salad Tongs 9 1/2" Long$4.99SOLD11/11/2014Flatware & Silverware
Vint Blacksmith/anvil Forge Specialty Pickup Tongs 20 1/2" Long Vg!$42.99SOLD11/09/2014Blacksmithing
2 Pairs Of Long Tongs$16.39SOLD11/09/2014Blacksmithing
Very Rare Tongs Chicken Feet From Italy Silverplate? Sugar Cube Tong 7 1/2 Long $15.00SOLD11/09/2014Flatware & Silverware