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Item NameSold?End DateLabel
20 55 Gallon Drums N Scale DetailsSOLD05/07/2015Detail Parts
Freegarden 55 Gallon Rain Barrel W Brass Spigot Water Drum Diverter Storage SOLD05/06/2015Other
Standard Barrel Stove Kit For A 55 Gallon Drum Bk100e SOLD05/06/2015Other
Drum Heater For Metal 55 Gallon 1000 Watt 120vSOLD05/06/2015Biodiesel Equipment, Other
20 55 Gallon Drums N Scale DetailsSOLD05/06/2015Detail Parts
55 Gallon Stainless Steel Open Top Barrel / Drum 1.0mm Thick New SOLD05/06/2015Other
55 Gallon 12v Dc Centrifugal Drum Barrel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit 8gpm 12 VoltSOLD05/06/2015Dispensers & Accessories
Lot Of 48x Pola Lgb G Scale Wooden 55 Gallon Oil Fuel Water Barrels Drums OoonceSOLD05/05/2015Detail Parts
55 Gallon Drums (16) W/lids & 4 Wood Skids (4) O Kits By TichySOLD05/05/2015Other
Giant Move Cb-q10 Plastic Drum Dolly For 55 And 30 Gallon Drums, 900 LbsSOLD05/05/2015Other
55 Gallon Barrel Plastic Drum Blue Barrels Held Vitamin Oil UspsSOLD05/04/2015Food Storage
Wesco 1000 Pound 55 Gallon Drum Lift SOLD05/04/2015Other
55 Gallon Barrel Plastic Drum Blue Barrels Held Vitamin Oil UspsSOLD05/04/2015Food Storage
Used 55 Gallon Drums SOLD05/04/2015Other
55 Gallon Drum - Simple Green All Purpose Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser SOLD05/04/2015Cleaning Products
Ho Scale Ss Limited Detail Parts Wood Metal Barrel 55 Gallon Drums Trash Can LotSOLD05/03/2015Other
Giant Move Cb-h20 Steel Drum Dolly For 55 Gallon Drum, 900 Lbs CapacitySOLD05/03/2015Other
55 Gallon Steel Drums With Covers & SealsSOLD05/03/2015Bottles, Drums, & Pails, Watering Cans
Vegetable Glycerin Food Grade Usp Soap Lotion 55 Gallon Drum And Freight SOLD05/03/2015Soap Butters & Fixed Oils
Graco 55gallon Drum Pump Dispenser Sprayer Air Agitator Husky 515SOLD05/03/2015Other
55 Gallon Food Grade Plastic Drum SOLD05/03/2015Other
55 Gallon Drum Mixer/agitatorSOLD05/03/2015Other
Lot Of 3 Orig Wwii Photos 780th Bomb. Squadron Wartime Use Of 55 Gallon Drums SOLD05/02/2015Photographs
5w30 Justar J600 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 55 Gallon DrumSOLD05/02/2015Other
Wesco 55 Gallon Drum HoistSOLD05/02/2015Other
55 Gallon Barrel Drum Bpa Free Plastic Emergency Water Storage Rain Used #118SOLD05/02/2015Other
Three 55 Gallon Drums Of 1425 Jet Spray Cabinet Compound Interchem SOLD05/01/2015Other
15,35,55,275 Gallon I Ship-rain-food Grade Plastic Drum,barrel, Ohio- Preppers- SOLD05/01/2015Other
Tichy N Scale 55 Gallon Steel DrumsSOLD05/01/2015Detail Parts
55 Gallon 12v Dc Centrifugal Drum Barrel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit 8gpm 12 VoltSOLD05/01/2015Dispensers & Accessories
Tichy Train Group 8212 – 55 Gallon Drums – Ho ScaleSOLD04/30/2015Plastic & Resin Kits
Wesco Open Or Closed Head Drum Lifter Adjustable 55 30 Gallon, 1000 LbsSOLD04/30/2015Rigging
55 Gallon Closed Top Barrel Drum Plastic Liquid / Water Storage Rain -whiteSOLD04/29/2015Other
Sae 5w30 Super Duty Motor Oil * 55 Gallon Drum *SOLD04/28/2015Other
X5dd2-621489 New Jet 55-gallon Capacity Drum DollySOLD04/28/2015Carts & Trucks
Brinkmann 55 Gallon Drum Charcoal Grill (53-0403226)SOLD04/28/2015Barbecues, Grills & Smokers
50 Gallons Rain Barrel Composter Screw Top Plastic Food Grade Fermentor Drum 55SOLD04/27/2015Other
Plastic Drum Pump With Pail Adapter, For 15-, 30- And 55-gallon Drums, BlackSOLD04/27/2015Other
Metal Steel 55 Gallon Barrel Barrels Drum Smoker DrumSOLD04/27/2015Other
Protectoseal 522 Vertical Drum Safety Vent For 30 & 55 Gallon DrumsSOLD04/27/2015Storage Containers
2" Steel Drum Cap Plug Bung 55 Gallon Barrel Gasket, Zinc Plated 2-1/4" ThreadSOLD04/26/2015Other
55 Gallon Steel Drums With Covers & SealsSOLD04/26/2015Bottles, Drums, & Pails, Watering Cans
55 Gallon 12v Dc Centrifugal Drum Barrel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit 8gpm 12 VoltSOLD04/26/2015Dispensers & Accessories
55 Gallon Drums W/fire Barrel Lids-(8-sets) Grandt Line Productsho/hon3/hon30-1:SOLD04/25/2015Craftsman Building Kits
New 55 Gallon Rain Barrel Plastic Storage Drum Water Saver Tank With SpigotSOLD04/25/2015Food Storage, Other
55 Gallon Stainless Steel Drum Emptying System, Containment Carriage, Etc.SOLD04/24/2015Other
55 Gallon Drum Opening ToolSOLD04/24/2015Shipping Containers
55 Gallon Drum Mixer/agitatorSOLD04/24/2015Other
55 Gallon Drum Dolly 4-wheel Powder Coated Steel Solid Wheels E.r. Wagner 2f00SOLD04/24/2015Carts & Trucks
Drum Lifter 1 Drum 55 Gallon 1000 Lb 21 InchSOLD04/24/2015Other
General Purpose Lever Barrel Water Pump- Fits 5-55 Gallon DrumsSOLD04/23/2015Other
E.r.wagner 2f000249890e Solid Wheels 55 Gallon Drum Dolly Cart 1000 Lb CapacitySOLD04/23/2015Dollies
Uline 10 - 55 Gallon Drum Covers With Elastic Hem For Steel Or Plastic BarrelsSOLD04/22/2015Other
Fill Rite Portable Electric Transfer Pump 55 Gallon Drum Fuel Oil Liquid VickersSOLD04/22/2015Dispensers & Accessories
Sequoia Scale Products #2057 6 Ho Scale 55 Gallon Drums For Toy Train LayoutsSOLD04/21/2015Scenery, Trees
55 Gallon 12v Dc Centrifugal Drum Barrel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit 8gpm 12 VoltSOLD04/21/2015Dispensers & Accessories
3-in-1 Aluminum No Spark Bung Drum Wrench 55-30-15 Gallon Water Barrel Nut PlugSOLD04/21/2015Other
Aw Hydraulic Oil/fluid Iso Vg 68, Sae 20 - 55 Gallon DrumSOLD04/21/2015Other
55 Gallon Barrel Plastic Drum Blue Barrels Held Vitamin Oil D UspsSOLD04/20/2015Food Storage
55 Gallon Barrel Plastic Drum Blue Barrels Held Vitamin Oil UspsSOLD04/20/2015Food Storage
Vestil Drum-hd Heavy Duty 55 Gallon, 2000 Lb Capacity Drum DollySOLD04/20/2015Carts & Trucks
8gpm Biodiesel Methanol Methoxide Drum Pump For 15, 30, Or 55 GallonSOLD04/20/2015Other
55 Gallon Closed Top Barrel Drum Hdpe Plastic Liquid / Water Storage Rain -whiteSOLD04/20/2015Other
55 Gallon White Plastic Barrel Drum Liquid / Water Storage Rain -whiteSOLD04/20/2015Other
Cmw (ho 1:87) 55 Gallon Drum Loads Accessories For Flat & Stake Vehicles #20210SOLD04/19/2015Diecast-Modern Manufacture