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Item NameFinal PriceSold?End DateLabel
55 Gallon Drums W/fire Barrel Lids-(12-sets) Grandt Line Products N/nn3/1;160$4.19SOLD05/22/2015Buildings
Pig Burpless Poly 55 Gal Gallon Drum Barrel Funnel $37.50SOLD05/22/2015Dispensers & Accessories
Metal Steel 55 Gallon Burn Barrel Barrels Drum Smoker Drum$39.99SOLD05/20/2015Other
Bar Mills Ho Scale 1:87 55-gallon Drum Clusters! Mint! 02001$10.41SOLD05/20/2015Craftsman Building Kits
Easy-steer Drum Cradle With 5" & 3" Dia. Polyolefin Wheels For 55 Gallon ...$59.95SOLD05/20/2015Other
New 200l/55gallon 240v 1000w Silicon Band Metal Oil Drum Heater Dgz$64.99SOLD05/19/2015Dispensers & Accessories
1:35 Scale; Ammo Boxes, Gas Cans, And 55 Gallon Drums For Dioramas$12.95SOLD05/19/2015Other
New!! Justrite Safety Drum Funnel For 55 Gallon Drums W/2" Bung 8210 Funnel$125.00SOLD05/19/2015Other Shop Equipment
55 Gallon Metal Steel Barrel / Barrels Drum / Drums Open Top Clean, Lot Of 34 $500.00SOLD05/19/2015Other
Metal 55 Gallon Ch Food Grade Barrel / Drum - Local Pickup Only. I Have 20 Drums$20.00SOLD05/19/2015Other
16 Green 55 Gallon Drums Ho Scale Details $7.00SOLD05/19/2015Other
55 Gallon Blue Barrel Drum Plastic Drum Container With Two Caps.$20.00SOLD05/19/2015Other
F001 Vintage Nude Photo Sexy Pinup, 55 Gallon Drums, Hot Boobs, Garter Stockings$2.99SOLD05/19/2015Vintage (Pre-1970)
Skolnik Carbon Steel Open Head Drum, 55 Gallons$23.50SOLD05/19/2015Other
Skolnik Carbon Steel Open Head Drum, 55 Gallons$36.75SOLD05/19/2015Other
55 Gallon Drum Rotary Hand Pump Diesel Oil Fuel Barrel$29.99SOLD05/18/2015Other
55 Gallon Drum Hand Truck$175.00SOLD05/18/2015Other, Carts & Trucks
Brinkmann 55 Gallon Drum Charcoal Grill$43.00SOLD05/17/2015Barbecues, Grills & Smokers
Freegarden 55 Gallon Rain Barrel W Brass Spigot Water Drum Diverter Storage $112.50SOLD05/17/2015Other
Cmw Ho Scale 55 Gallon Drum Loads #20210 Nip (lot B)$8.99SOLD05/17/2015Other
55 Gallon Steel Drums With Covers & Seals$15.00SOLD05/17/2015Bottles, Drums, & Pails, Watering Cans
55 Gallon Plastic Barrel Barrels Barrell Barrells Drum Drums Hdpe Barell Barells$20.00SOLD05/17/2015Other
55 Gallon Removable Lever Lock Lid Plastic Barrel Barrels Drum Food Grade$25.00SOLD05/17/2015Other
Lqqk 55 Gallon Barrel Close Top Plastic Drum Food Grade Water Drum Storage $29.99SOLD05/17/2015Watering Cans
United Receptacle 1855 Drum Top - Fits 55 Gallon Drums - 24.5" Dia.$49.00SOLD05/16/2015Trash Cans & Wastebaskets
55 Gallon Barrel, Plastic Drum Blue In Color Good. $16.00SOLD05/16/2015Other
Poly-america Hwy4-55 55 Gallon 38 X 65 Clear Drum Liner, 55 Ct.$68.54SOLD05/15/2015Trash Cans & Wastebaskets
55 Gallon Drums W/fire Barrel Lids-(8-sets) Grandt Line Productsho/hon3/hon30-1:$4.19SOLD05/15/2015Craftsman Building Kits
One Drum (55 Gallons) Of Concrete Sealer X-1 $399.00SOLD05/15/2015Sealant & Adhesives
Giant Move Cb-h20 Steel Drum Dolly For 55 Gallon Drum, 900 Lbs Capacity$9.99SOLD05/15/2015Other
Standard Barrel Stove Kit For A 55 Gallon Drum Bk100e $49.95SOLD05/14/2015Other
55 Gallon Drum Cradle - Non-sparking With 4 Rigid Wheels Drc/135 Drc 135$59.99SOLD05/14/2015Other
55 Gallon Barrel Drum Plastic Blue /white Drums Container. I Have 40 Drums$8.00SOLD05/14/2015Other
Local Pick Up 55 Gallon Barrel Drum Plastic Water Rain Blue Barrels Food Grade $15.00SOLD05/13/2015Other
Ho Model Railstuff #560: Pallets Of 55 Gallon Drums (assorted Colors) Nip$4.49SOLD05/13/2015Other
Metal Molasses Faucet For 55 Gallon Drum$12.50SOLD05/13/2015Storage Containers
Pig Corp Latching 55 Gal Gallon Barrel Drum Lid Drm659-rd Drm659rd Color: Red$206.00SOLD05/13/2015Other
New Pig Drm672 Ldpe Drum Funnel With Hinged Lid, 29", Red, For 55 Gallon - Hh$60.00SOLD05/13/2015Funnels, Oil Pans & Mats
Standard Barrel Stove Kit For A 55 Gallon Drum Bk100e $49.95SOLD05/13/2015Other
55 Gallon Barrel Plastic Drum Blue Barrels Held Vitamin Oil Usps 1b$18.00SOLD05/13/2015Food Storage
Nib Case Ih First 1st Gear 55 Gallon Drum Coin Bank Hy-tran Ultraction 2013$15.99SOLD05/12/2015Other
Plw55-160 Plews Pump, Plastic, Lever, General Purpose, 5-55 Gallon Drum$40.88SOLD05/12/2015Other Auto Tools & Supplies
16 Orange 55 Gallon Drums Ho Scale Details $7.00SOLD05/11/2015Scenery, Trees
Heavy Duty Moly Lithium Complex Grease, Nlgi 2 (3%-5%) - 400lb. (55 Gallon) Drum$900.00SOLD05/11/2015Other
Harper 55 Gallon Drum Handling Welded Heavy Duty Hand Truck With 10" Wheels 7559$305.45SOLD05/11/2015Casters & Wheels
55 Gallon Drum Rotary Hand Pump Diesel Oil Fuel Barrel$29.99SOLD05/11/2015Other
55 Gallon Stainless Steel Open Top Barrel / Drum Crevice Free New $599.00SOLD05/11/2015Other
55 Gallon Barrel Drum Plastic Blue /white Drums Container. I Have 40 Drums$8.00SOLD05/10/2015Other
55 Gallon Steel Drums With Covers & Seals$15.00SOLD05/10/2015Bottles, Drums, & Pails, Watering Cans
55 Gallon Food Grade Plastic Drum $15.50SOLD05/10/2015Other
Tichy Ho 55 Gallon Drums And Lids-12 Drums, 24 Lids #8211$3.49SOLD05/10/2015Other
Standard Barrel Stove Kit For A 55 Gallon Drum Bk100e $49.95SOLD05/09/2015Other
Vestil - Vertical 55 Gallon Drum / Barrel Lifter, 1000 Lb Capacity - Vdl-22$125.00SOLD05/09/2015Other
16 Black 55 Gallon Drums Ho Scale Details $7.00SOLD05/08/2015Scenery, Trees
American Motors Brass 55 Gallon Oil Drum Stencil$75.00SOLD05/08/2015Graphics Decals, eBay Motors
Air Pressure Operated Wvo Bio Diesel Deisel 55 Gallon Drum Barrel Oil Pump New$89.90SOLD05/08/2015Other Avionics
Vogelzang Cast-iron Barrel Stove Kit For A 30 Or 55-gallon Drum$82.00SOLD05/08/2015Other
New Pig Safe No Waste Burpless Funnel 5 To 55 Gallon Drum 2" Bung Liquid No Mess$43.56SOLD05/07/2015Other
New Harper Drum Rack Standard 55 Gallon Drum Cradle Without Handles 8775-75$202.99SOLD05/07/2015Casters & Wheels
Wesco Cw-20 Deluxe Oil Drum Cradle 1,000# Capacity For 30 Or 55 Gallon Oil Drums$273.99SOLD05/07/2015Casters & Wheels
Harper 55 Gallon Oil Drum Heavy Duty Steel Frame Hand Truck / 10" Rubber Wheels$565.99SOLD05/07/2015Casters & Wheels
New Harper Green 600# Capacity Welded 55 Gallon Drum Steel 20" Wide Hand Truck$346.99SOLD05/07/2015Casters & Wheels
Wesco 50bt Poly Drum Hand Truck 30, 55, 85 Gallon ( Drain Stand ) Drum Dolly$542.99SOLD05/07/2015Casters & Wheels
Ultratech Ultra Hard Top P4 Environmental Containment System 4 Drums/ 55 Gallons$518.99SOLD05/07/2015Storage Containers
Flammable Drum Horizontal Storage Cabinets - 55 Gallon New$775.00SOLD05/07/2015Other